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All our products come in heavy-duty, custom-made packaging to best protect the valuable content. Our systems come in two rigid, dual-layer carton boxes with custom foam inserts, protecting the system from shock. Depending on the configured components, we additionaly use innovative self-expanding foam inserts to keep interior componens in place during rough handling.

Shipping Insurance

All shipping options include full insurance coverage (international: full insurance coverage to the amount of the invoice).

Shipping Rates

Shipping rates below include the full discount we receive from our shipping providers. In addition, the rates below are typically subsidized by us to up to 30%. This means we cover part of the shipping cost to almost all destinations.

Service Type Delivery Time Subsidized Flatrate Price
USA (Fedex Ground Domestic) 1 to 5 business days $49.00 / $34 (Couchmaster)
US Islands / Alaska (USPS Priority) 3 to 7 business days $99.00 / $85 (Couchmaster)
Canada & Mexico (USPS International Priority) 3 to 7 business days $99.00 / $63 (Couchmaster)
Western/Central Europe* (DHL) 2 to 4 business days $149.00
Scandinavia* (DHL) 2 to 5 business days $199.00
Eastern Europe* (DHL) 3 to 10 business days $169.00
Central- & South-America* (Fedex International Economy) 4 to 10 business days $199.00
Hong Kong (Fedex International Economy) 3 to 5 business days $149.00
Singapore (Fedex International Economy) 3 to 5 business days $249.00
Mainland China (Fedex International Economy) 5 to 8 business days $199.00
Japan (Fedex International Economy) 4 to 6 business days $149.00
Asia-Pacific* (Fedex International Economy) 4 to 10 business days $299.00
Israel* (Fedex International Economy) 3 to 5 business days $249.00
Rest of World (request custom shipping rate) 3 to 10 business days To be determined

* exceptions may apply for specific countries.

Shipping Company

Our preferred domestic as well as International shipping company is Fedex. If you prefer another shipping company, please contact us at

International Shipping

If your shipping destination is not mentioned above, please select the "Rest of World" option and one of our shipping specialists will get you the best/lowest possible international shipping rate. Our shipping rates do NOT include possible import taxes and/or duties. To estimate import taxes and duties we recommend getting a free online quote from . Also, feel free to contact us at for your specific shipping rate and/or related import taxes/duties before you place your order. Please include information about the product, the estimated order value and your destination address in your request.

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