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Reinventing the Rack-Mounted Media Server

INFINITUM™ is the most versatile full-spec, custom-built 19" rack-mountable media and gaming server, with a distinct design and functionality for living room and server room racks. It caters to audio and video enthusiasts, as well as high-end gamers. Due to its sleek design, extreme performance, and easy integration with other home theater components, the system blends perfectly into any existing setup. INFINITUM™ represents a whole new generation of PCs – blurring the line between enthusiast servers, gaming PCs and consoles, and home entertainment devices.

Redefining High Definition

INFINITUM™ is powerful enough to deliver up to 4K / Ultra HD resolutions in 60p and HDR, making it fully compatible with any 4K/UltraHD TVs. It features unrestricted compatibility with all high-res video file formats (.mts, .mkv, .avi, .mp4, etc.). Besides CD, DVD and 3D Blu-ray Disk playback, it effortlessly streams HD and/or 4K videos from online services such as Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Vine etc.

Optimizing Your Cable TV Experience

Up to two Full HD TV tuner work with satellite, and Over-The-Air TV providers and lets one watch and record up to four channels simultaneously in Kodi, Plex, JRiver Media Center or MediaPortal. Get rid of a redundant set-top box, remote control, and wires and enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your living room setup.

Providing Home Server Functionality

A maximum capacity of over 80 TB translates to 8,000 Full HD Blu-ray movies, 20 million MP3s, or 20,000 hours of HD TV recordings. Furthermore, all components are designed for continuous operation. Media Center and remote apps enable streaming of one's entire media library to any mobile device or other PC, inside or outside of your network. Several RAID resiliency options provide optimum data safety in case of a drive breakdown.

Bringing High-End Gaming to the Big Screen

Enjoy from the comfort of the living room an unequalled gaming experience in 4K or Full HD with INFINITUM. Stunning visual quality and mind blowing graphics of 60+ frames per second is achieved through the incorporation of state of the art NVIDIA and AMD graphics cards. HDMI 2.0 connectivity, HDR and DirectX 12 support elevate gaming to the best level possible. Connected to a large screen TV or projector, INFINITUM provides an overall gaming experience that no current or next-gen console can possibly compete with.

Delivering High Fidelity Audio

INFINITUM delivers ultra-precise lossless sound via HDMI bitstreaming and supports all high-res sound codecs like Dolby® ATMOS, TrueHD, dts:X, dts-HD Master Audio™, providing the clearest sound for the truly discerning audiophile. The system features unrestricted compatibility with any audio file format (.mp3, .acc, .flac, .ogg, etc.). In addition to CD playback, it can stream music from one's preferred online source, like Spotify, Pandora, or Soundcloud.

Windows®, TV-optimized

Microsoft® Windows® 10 is the operating system of choice for living room computing. It runs the highest-performance games better than any other operating system, features world's largest selection of apps, and handles all media formats. Only Windows and the PC platform is the common denominator of any exisiting streaming service and thus replaces all existing TV-sticks or boxes in one single and sleek unit. Optional Media Centers are a comfortable way of watching and recording TV and movies, listening to music, and managing all other media files.

Versatile Wireless Control

Control is completely in the hands of the user. Whether it's a smartphone or tablet, keyboard with touchpad, a programmable IR remote or mouse and keyboard, INFINITUM is compatible with all of these options, and more. Additionally, you can play your games with Xbox controllers or any race and flight simulation gear.

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