Predator Themed LEET Chassis Mod

Check out this Predator Edition modification to one of our LEET chassis. It turned out great with a little over 250 man hours put into it!


Predator Edition Specs

Motherboard: Asus x99e-ws
Storage: 480gb Kingston hyper m.2 SSD
Memory: Gskill 64GB 3300 MHz
Processor: Intel i7-5960x
Graphics Card: (2) Titan X (super clocked)
Power Supply: Corsair 1200axi
All running with EKWB water blocks, fittings, and pumps.

20150802_20360020150803_231757 20150803_231813 20150802_202755


  1. Omg. This is awesome. Who did that. Can I buy it here online. I love predator. This is the best pc I have seen. Don’t get me wrong strieger dynamics case is beautiful but this guy brought it to a whole new level. Just amazing

  2. what rads and pump were used and reservoir were used please I just bought this case

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