Nothing But The Best

STEIGER DYNAMICS’ dedication to engineering excellence is not just limited to the development of exclusive and innovative Home Theater PC solutions but continues to the selection of the hardware components which are integrated into each LEET™ system. Pursuing a no-compromise approach in all respects, we only teamed up with carefully selected, best-in-category partners, providing products with highest performance and outstanding quality.

Intel CPUs and chipsets are unmatched in reliability and efficiency and are hence our preference of choice for the LEET™ .


ASUS and its subsidiary Republic of Gamers (ROG) are the renown market leaders for enthusiast motherboards with unmatched speed and stability.


EVGA is the undisputable leader for enthusiast-grade and pre- overclocked graphics cards.


The LEET™ custom liquid cooling solution has been developed in cooperation with Swiftech, leading manufacturer of advanced cooling components.


Scythe is the brand behind the Gentle Typhoon, the world’s most reliable and advanced fan for radiator application in liquid cooling solutions.


AMD FirePro provides professional workstation graphics cards with optimum price/performance ratio, used in our Living Room Workstations.


DisplayLink designs the USB graphics chipset used for our LEET front display.


G.SKILL is a manufacturer of high performance memory products including world's fastest DDR3 desktop PC Memory.


NVIDIA manufactures the worlds most powerful and efficient GPUs, being the basis for the immerse living room gaming experience we create.


G.SKILL is a manufacturer of high performance memory products including world's fastest DDR3 desktop PC Memory.


Western Ditgital is the leading manufacturer of efficient and silent server-grade Hard Disk Drives.


Seasonic is considered as the world’s leading manufacturer of ultra efficient and stable Power Supply Units.


The exclusive front screen LEET™ Monitor app was co-developed with Open Hardware Monitor, leading open source tool for system and component monitoring.


Kingston Technology created HyperX to provide memory cards, system drives, and other components in the highest quality.


Asetek is the world leading provider of energy efficient liquid cooling systems for servers, workstations, and high performance PCs.


JRiver Media Center is the most comprehensive media software on the market and is the best choice for seamless audio, image, TV, and video playback.


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