Wait for Windows 10 is Over

Windows 10 launched yesterday and is now available on any of our LEET, MAVEN, and ERA HTPCs. It brings along DirectX12 as well as Cortana. This means that you can now boss around your favorite AI from the comfort of your couch by just saying “Hey Cortana”. So, “Hey Cortana, make me a sandwich.”

Now obviously Cortana can’t make a sandwich magically appear next to you on your couch, but she can do a whole lot of other things like access your navigation, take notes, and even tell you how the stock market is doing on a daily basis. You may never need to leave your couch again with Cortana. Unless of course, you need to get up and get a sandwich


If you have any questions or are curious about what you have to look forward too when downloading Windows 10 then check out this article from PCWorld, it outlines the 10 features Windows 10 includes that we should be excited for. Check it out HERE!  One of the most useful upgrades is the ability to run multiple desktop screens, as its something we personally found Windows 8 needing. Windows 10 is free to upgrade for most Windows users who have a fairly recent version of Windows, so be sure to try yours out and let us know what you think in the comments!


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I am a proud user of Windows 10. And i am also a huge fan of Halo series and universe. But i must admit, Cortana makes me sad every time I’m using it. Why she had to face such a stupid end… This is not fair at all!

3 years ago

Thank for this post

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