Superman Themed LEET Chassis Mod

Erik Krowel has once again created a super-impressive HTPC mod using the LEET Chassis. This Superman-themed high-end gaming rig took 300 hours of hard work to create.


LEET Superman Edition Specs:

Asus ROG Maximus Extreme VIII Z170
Intel i7-6700k delidded @ 4.9ghz
32 GB G.Skill trident Z 3400 MHz
(2x) Asus Stix 980 Ti Overclocked
Asus ROG SLI bridge copper plated
Samsung 950 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD as system drive
Win 10 Pro
2.0 TB Samsung 850 Pro for games
All items wrapped in 4D carbon fiber wrap
All EK waterblocks and EK fittings
Aquacomputer reservoir
All copper plated
All copper tubing

Erik told us that he hopes to bring anyone’s imagination to life through his passion. And while pushing the envelope every single time with his creations he believes that the possibilities are still endless.

If you haven’t seen the amazing Predator mod Erik did last year, take a look here.



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Mark Poetker
Mark Poetker
4 years ago

what pump and res combo did you use

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