Predator Themed LEET Chassis Mod

The modifications by Erik from Boston on our LEET chassis turned out great. Check out his Predator Edition PC with carbon fiber optics foil and all EK water Blocks liquid cooling below.

The Predator Edition build is a prototype with a little over 250 man hours put into it. It was Erik’s first build using a Steiger LEET chassis and all parts in the build were made by him and completely custom down to the wrap and plexi.


He hopes people can see companies like Steiger Dynamics and Krowel Kustom PC exist on pure passion and hopes that we don’t let any dream or idea of our clients fall short of reality. He truly loves what we he does and he tries to push the envelope of builds everyday. He believes that it’s only our imagination that limits us on what we can truly do.

Thanks Erik!


If you like what you see drop us an email at Sp@steigerdynamics.com and we can put you in contact with the Mod Man himself Mr. Erik Lowell.


Predator Edition Specs- 

Asus x99e-ws mb
480gb kingston hyper m.2 ssd
Gskill 64gb 3300mhz ram
I7-5960x cpu
(2) titan x (super clocked) gpu
Corsair 1200axi psu
All running with EK waterblocks and fittings and pumps.


20150802_20360020150803_231757 20150803_231813 20150802_202755

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5 years ago

Omg. This is awesome. Who did that. Can I buy it here online. I love predator. This is the best pc I have seen. Don’t get me wrong strieger dynamics case is beautiful but this guy brought it to a whole new level. Just amazing

Mark Poetker
Mark Poetker
5 years ago

what rads and pump were used and reservoir were used please I just bought this case

5 years ago
Reply to  Mark Poetker

Email me at ferrarikrowel@gmail.com. thanks for liking my build


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