MAVEN Core HTPC Review Video & Giveaway

We have been powered by ASUS since the beginning. They believed in us and supported us when we were small. They even provided us with custom solutions to help make our living room PCs the quietest and most reliable systems on the market. Today, we are proud to celebrate with them the sale of their 500 millionth motherboard by giving away one of our MAVEN Core Gaming HTPCs. Keep on rocking!

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The World’s Most Advanced HTPCs (Video)

The story of why we created these living room PCs is quite simple: We wanted a system that could do it all, do it better, and look great in the process. We believe that a high-performing HTPC should be complemented by a high quality enclosure. The beautiful brushed aluminum chassis we use is a reflection of how well our products do their job. With native 4K gaming, live TV, Blu-ray, streaming, and media server capabilities, our Home Theater PCs will certainly not disappoint. Don’t just take our word for it, find out for yourself.



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